Good and evil

Good, wholesome, maker stuff

Before I take this anywhere, it is a fairly commonly held belief that good and evil are a balance of forces in the universe. That, as Richard Feynman would have it, is our guess which must be measured against nature to find out if it has any substance to it, or whether nature pops it in the trash can.

Even though we’ve never been out there and probably never will, the universe is made of stuff, every star, galaxy, nova, super nova, gas giant, black hole, red dwarf, stuff everywhere including the stuff of vacuum, the life of a universe expanding and unfolding as it should. We may not call it good, but it’s downright wholesome. Can anyone point to an evil in all that? A great wrong, an enemy of life, or who knows what? Evil? I can’t even conceive of an evil out there, some malevolence against the life of galaxies of existence. I have no idea what that would even mean, an intelligence in pursuit of some evil and vile purpose. It all looks pretty clean to me, going about the business of a living universe over vast distances and time beyond comprehension. Can any see anyone see even one mote of evil, anywhere?

Here on Earth I see the stuff of the universe everywhere here too, in fact there is nothing that is not the stuff of the universe, there is nought but nature. Even our most destructive weapons, guns, bombs and weapons of mass destruction, all made of the same universal stuff. None intrinsically evil save in the purpose assigned them, yet manufactured with the skills of many, including our best scientists. Point to any inherent evil is all that.

But I am human, and I can see evil here. Nothing to challenge the might of the universe and nature, but evil and malign in purpose, of greed, avarice, lust for power and disdain for life.

In the hearts of men. maggots in the apple of life.

Corrupt, with ill intent.

That is a clear and present evil, found wanting of life and humanity, self serving and malign.

A rot and a cancer on life on this beautiful planet.

Fools who rob life, stupid white men.

Empty sacks.

Enemies of nature.

Yes there is evil, but it has no life of its own, it is given a brief life through the choice of human beings who attack life for a pocket full of gold.

For the rest of life, the rest of us, they are a curse, a stain on life. Nothing more.

A gadfly in time.

It’s hard to imagine how even one man could be that stupid, yet they threaten the life of this jewel of a planet and everything that lives here.

Yes I do see evil, but mostly I just see monumental stupidity for the life they’ve stolen for one microscopic moment of self glory.

Fools ripe for the trash.

And time we moved on.

KOG. 26 August 2020

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