Before we change the world we must change

Why is it important we ground ourselves in nature before we attempt to save the world?

Nature is the ultimate arbiter of science, if a scientific theory is not borne out by nature, it’s abandoned, useless.

If I head out with some half baked idea that I want to save the world, but never test my idea and evaluate its viability before I impose it on nature, I am being a bull in a china shop.

Nature is sentient, nature is aware at a level we do not understand, and already has the solutions. With Fukushima Daiichi, for example. If we are not in tune with that, we’re about as much use as a marzipan duster. We’re not even respecting nature, let alone helping.

Getting back in touch with nature isn’t about being sympathique with nature, a fond and tender awareness of the loveliness of nature. It means a deep and conscious awareness of the beating heart and soul of nature, hearing nature, being intimately guided by nature.

If we can’t be bothered to do even that, what use do we suppose we’ll be? Are you impatient? The patience of nature lasts millennia, through entire epochs of the tides of humanity. Dare we be less?

Imagine a conversation with a thousand year old oak… We are, as Treebeard observed in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, too hasty. Far too hasty.

Many people, if not most in our dysfunctional world, reading this would think I am off my rocker, little realising that the opposite it true.

Any indigenous people would understand intimately what I am writing here and probably feel pity for my naivete.

It’s time we gave up our arrogance and learnt humility in the face of that which created us, in which we live and have our being.

Keith. 22 August 2020.

Richard Feynman on Scientific Method (1964)

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