Change the world one life at a time…

My new vice, the heart of any makers creative work space.

Our problem is in thinking too big. That’s what they want us to do. That’s the problem, right there. That’s what stops us loving ourselves. Just like school. We become part of the labour force, with no discrete identity of our own. That is why the factory was such an abomination to me. Factories destroy individual identity and integrity.

It didn’t have to be that way, it was all predicated on profit, wealth and greed, a parasitic vision of humanity, in which even individual workers were consumed for greed.

It’s brought us to these very days, the last gasp. Johnson and all his kind are the most enslaved people on Earth. Pursuing a nihilistic vision which, if it is not checked, will destroy all life one Earth.

The truly brave in our times are the artists in all their diverse glory. Truly the hope of the world.

Schools are the destroyers of individuals and dictators of conformity. Even the exam system is a test of conformity. The most god awful system imaginable for human beings. Poor blinded students scrabbling for finite places in universities based on the successful results of their conformity, which the government has manipulated in favour of the existing ruling class which dominates the whole rotten system.

It’s an incredible deceit which promises a future that doesn’t exist, but potentially offers a bit more money if you are dead lucky or determined enough. But creative? Hardly. All the time, you are conforming to a stagnating, fixed, structure, which is inevitably leading towards annihilation.

This cancer that’s attacking my body is a direct result of a corrupted Earth, yet they tell us it is caused by and in our slow painful progress towards longer lives, through improvements in food, working conditions, better housing, medical care, all wrung unwillingly from the ruling class by Labour and the unions. Living now into our 70’s and 80’s is giving rise to an increase in cancer rates, as Cancer Research UK would have it, leading to 1 in 2 people developing cancer.

It is self evidently complete bollocks, herd speak. People are taken in by the system that has raised and conditioned them to hate the people most on their side, Labour, and to vote for the people responsible for the cancers running rampant through our bodies.

Just think about it. Just do that. Dare to think it through and challenge the narrative of the State and the institutions which are slaves of the state, like Cancer Research UK.

Become a heretic.

I have shared this many times recently because it’s all here, in this masterpiece by Kate Tempest. She is a true heretic of our modern nihilistic world. Listen to her words, over and over. It’s all here. Hold Your Own. “Happiness the brand, is not happiness! You are smarter than they think you are.” – Kate Tempest.

Do you really know who you are? If not, isn’t it about time you did? How can you possibly not know who you are? How did that get stolen from you? It took all those years of schooling to achieve that. It’s not something easily done to us. But the relentless prison of conformity did it.

Are you angry enough to seek your self yet? Your real self? Without killing yourself in despair, thus giving them a sure victory. It is a hideous battle, but the only one worth fighting.

I have had the most extraordinary stroke of good luck in having so recently come back from the dead, to discover I’ve graduated, through the most intense pain I have ever suffered, after a lifetime of pain and 25 years of self annihilating addiction. I have returned cleansed of all the useless dross of their conditioning, not by luck or fire, but through my own pain filled steps through life, one hideous step after another. To now occupy a body in which there is no longer any depression, no screaming inner life yelling danger, danger, danger, which is all depression was, my very humanity fighting for my life against overwhelming odds. That’s depression, it’s fighting the system to which we’re enslaved and we think the depression is our enemy, stopping us from living. We never stop to ask, living what? Living hell. Depression is saying, “Stop, stop, stop, not that way!”

“Turn around!”

One of my best and dearest friends is fighting for his life against drug addiction right now and is taking his first steps in Narcotics Anonymous. He’s fighting a battle in which the outcome is not clear. No one, not even him, knows if he’ll make it. I wrote to him last night, these words, because he wanted to do something for me as I battle with cancer as I undergo chemotherapy.

“Morris, there is something you can do for me, be a focus for my love for you, that would be a gift for me. You are a people gatherer, everywhere you go, be it on site, making cider, no man’s land, you draw us together, just as you drew me into the crew and made me at home. It is time you came home, my dear brother, the hardest journey of all, return to you. Just as I am now returned to me. What an epic Journey that has been. Come home, come home, dear Steve, come home to you. And if love can guide you I will not stop the flow of love, until you find your own, for you, and you no longer need any guides. But you will always be surrounded by people who love you and I will be one of them.”

This entire piece is dedicated to my glorious mate Steve, one life in a conspiracy of kindness. One life. One life at a time.

Keith. 19 August 2020.

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