To all you wonderful amazing hippies out there

Keep on Truckin’…

To all you wonderful amazing hippies out there, honest druggies and adventurers. Chemo is this, If I could take you there, you’d be walking around utterly familiar turf, you’d be nodding and smiling and seeing old familiar haunts. it would be as familiar to you as your own lovely faces. All I am doing is sharing a four month state blessed legal trip. It’s a whole lot bigger than anything I have ever experienced and done before. But it is home from home and that’s why I am having a good time. People only have a really bad time when they fight it. But the fog is a real place. I know you get that. So in all your vast wisdom and experience, enjoy the ride with me. And watch me have to fight monsters who don’t get it, like the last couple of days. They are a real and present danger. All else is just a vast and lovely trip. To save my life.

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