Electric Wonder

Feeling the landscape

I have come across yet another aspect of chemo, quite out of the blue, in this strange journey.

I am experiencing people and events as whole body experiences. What unlocked this door was passing an attractive woman, to me, on my way to hospital with my brother. I experienced a bolt of pleasure, like lightning, such that I exclaimed something like, “Good God, what just happened?!”

It was a physical jolt of delight.

Of course, once a door gets opened I notice other related experiences. A friend currently on holiday texted to say they’re on their way back, and I was struck by a bodily sense of the distance that separated them from me and a longing for it to shorten. Another moment, I had recommended ‘The Medium is the Massage ‘ to a Facebook friend and I was swamped by a physical sense of the time and experience that the book has had in my life over so many years.

This really is a journey of epic wonders.

The Medium is the Massage.

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