An old hippy on the Chemo road

White water thrill seeker – me

I am an old hippy, the key to drugs is, don’t fight them. You are responsible for every drug that you put in your mouth. Either take the ride or don’t do it.

Many people get lost these days, but if they can find their rock bottom, as I did on alcohol, they can fight for their own life and save themselves. No one can do it for us, we have to fall far enough to want to live and many do not make it.

Every lost life is a tragedy, a sister or brother.

I survived alcoholism, I have given up drink, drugs and smoking, now my only drug is life.

Chemo is a four month legal drug trip (well that’s a first), if I want to live I surrender my life to the team dedicated to help me live.

I am an old drug hand, but there was nothing to prepare me for this other than a lifetimes experience.

I am in this for the ride, whatever happens, where ever the drugs take me, I consent, the team have my blessing.

It has already been suggested that I should be locked up. Straight people are always a danger. Every single one of you who ever took a drug knows that. They don’t want to be responsible for their own actions and they think they have the right, in their self righteousness, to interfere in ours.

Every single one of you knows that they have a problem for every solution, and they secretly hate us for not being cowards like them.

Just look at Westminster. The state of it.

This shit has always been real. It just went critical.

Remember every rave you went to, every pill you popped, every trip you took, and every K-hole you vanished down, every spliff you toked.

You rebelled for freedom!

That’s what you did it for, did you not?

Your brother in arms, on the Chemo road.

One thought on “An old hippy on the Chemo road

  1. I am an gracefully ageing hippie myself. I have, like you say, taken responsibility for my choices all of my life and I am happy that I learned without going completely off the rails. I was a lucky one. I was restrained. But then again, it was enough for me to learn what I wanted to learn from each of the things I consumed and every activity I undertook. I’m happy. I don’t need to convince anyone else of anything. I don’t need to be ‘right’ as it serves no one. I am correct for myself in what I choose. That’s enough. I am free so I don’t have to make choices based on what others think or believe. I am awesome. So are you! xoxo


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