The making of legend

There are many things going on in this crucial time in my life, many things are moving to fruition, I have incredibly powerful friends here, and I do not mean that in the worldly sense, rich fat cats who pretend to power, but are poorer than dirt. I mean alive friends, masters of the journey. I think it is perhaps timely to introduce a small number of them now, whilst the journey is young,

There is something to understand here. The Vale of Avalon is real, Glastonbury the holy town and Tor. Immeasurable power spreads from the Tor.

I live in a central position between Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, where I first encountered the Earthsong, Stanton Drew, Priddy and Cheddar. The western world does not see or know these places, the western world wouldn’t know a spiritual dimension if it hit them on the nose, even as it actually, really does. The western world does not know any god or gods, apart from themselves, mocking and jeering in spell binding ignorance. Here’s a little secret, and it is, the world is blind to this.

If you want to know what the proof of god looks like, and even scientists miss it even though it proves or disproves every theory, experiment and scientific fact known to them.

Richard Feynman explained how we find a new Law, first we guess it, next we compute the consequences of the guess, to see what this new law would imply, then we compare those computation results to nature, with direct observation to see if it works, If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong, bad guess. [1]

Nature is the determinant of science, everything stands or falls by being compared with nature. If there is a God, then nature is an expression of the eternal nature of God. Thus ‘God’ is the eternal expression of truth everywhere, in all time and in all places. Nature is the physical manifestation of eternal truth. It’s so blindingly obvious it is hard to understand how such wise men can miss it, when a babe in arms lives it. A child coming to the world emerges from the womb ready for life with a vast hunger for life and an even vaster hunger to learn and know. We think we are educated, a single baby is better educated than the greatest University professor. Observe the baby and shut your mouth, a baby learns intuitively, something I have had to relearn from scratch, a baby explores the world by the enquiry of touch, she seeks truth, she feels it. If I walk barefoot on the grass, I am learning as a baby does, touching truth with my feet. A child at ‘play’ is a child working, doing her job. Only stupid adults regard it as play and therefore irrelevant. That is epically stupid. Feynman has already exposed such ignorant arrogance, one of the greatest scientists who ever lived.

Is there a god? Of course there’s a damned God. Everywhere, in all places, in all time, outside time, in dimensions with no physical attributes at all. Humans occupy a miniscule physical fraction of everything, and yet humans think they are everything. No, they are toweringly stupid, arrogant ignoramuses. Just go outside and LOOK! it’s staring you in the fucking face.

Don’t believe me? Leave your classrooms and work places and go look, touch and absorb the nature of god.

Every proof of science is held and observed against god. If it disagrees with god, it fails. Richard Feynman was exactly right.

Back to my very powerful friends. The first I met were the Gate keepers, Tigs and Jas. They live in Bath and guard the boundary there. Then there’s Ami or Red, the Mistress of the Quadrasphere. Don’t ask, you’re too smart. Next, There is Stevo, morris, the Seeker, the keeper of the way, Master of the Fosse. He, in his human searching has tried to leave the Fosse many times, no matter how hard he tries, something always happens to bring him back to his domain. I have only recently risen to first Elder, Keeper of the sacred lore, receptacle of Truth. I recently qualified in the only way anyone can qualify, through deathly crisis. I do not know why this has to be, I only know that I was delivered to death and came back transformed. The hitherto depression that filled my life, died truly, its earth journey over, and I have embarked on my new journey, called ‘A Conspiracy of Kindness’. Kindness, the greatest power in the universe. I qualified with my masters degree, if you like. My Earth purpose shifted to make room for the quest of kindness, my last journey on Earth, before I enter the timeless places and move on.

I am not here to persuade anybody, it’s not important. Only this. There’s more to life than women and beer and the baubles of capitalism. Trust me in this.

As yet unnamed with their true names, Barney the woodsman, son of the moon, Leah the lion. Terry, the gentle, and Pam, the formidable. There are others. We call ourselves crew. Closer than family. The next generation is already here. I’ll mention only Ruby and her sister Isla. Ruby is the one to watch, first daughter of morris and Holly the drummer, as beautiful as a summer’s day. Ruby arrived running, she is a new breed, the daughter of her traveller parents, she is already a force to be reckoned with and her future is hidden from me, I am the old, she will reach places at present not even dreamed of. Her right hand maiden, her sister Isla, of her I know nothing, she is rightly entirely hidden from this old man. I can say one word for Isla – Formidable! An iron maiden warrior.

We are the mythology of our own being. We carry the world.

Judge all this as myth. It is. But if you do not know kindness, you know nothing at all.

I nearly forgot the Earthsong. When I arrived here from London about 20 years ago, I was ignorant of nature and of rural living. Nothing in London prepared me for living in the country. It is perfectly easy to only be half human in London, London doesn’t need us, it doesn’t know us, we just feed them is all. Cities do not feed themselves but think of themselves as the entire purpose of life. I have a little vision inside me of when the entire system fails. I want to be on the barricades when a city type arrives here begging to buy some food. He has gold, he tells us, he is a rich man. I tell him, “If you are so rich, go and eat your gold, just as you had nothing for us in your city, we have nothing for you here.” I want to see his eyes, I want to watch him walk away. Perhaps to find honest labour and honest toil for food. I hope so, but I don’t think so. I could not see him using a brush for the first time or cleaning a press for the apple harvest. It is too great a feat for him, his ingratitude too great for a ‘self made man’, who doesn’t even know his dependence for even just the shirt on his back or the hands that made it.

I’ve visited Avebury many times. I prefer Avebury to the indifferent male and repelling austerity of Stonehenge. Avebury is overall female and I decided one day to follow the suggested route around the great circle. It was remarkable how the whole atmosphere changes as you explore clockwise. I arrived at the great portal stones. Faced from the South they are formidable. Again I rejected the austere male stone to the East. The West, female stone, has a natural seat on the south side facing me. I sat my London body there and put aside my camera and rested. My body shortly began to shake, starting in my gut, the shaking got fiercer and fiercer. I wasn’t afraid, just curious and sat feeling the shaking take over my entire body. It lasted about 10 minutes then gently subsided into peace. I was very curious, but I picked up my bag, left for my car and began the drive home. I was about a half mile down the road when my body exploded into wild sobbing and I was forced to stop. Uncontrollable tears fell from my face, it was so powerful I was unable to move, the tears came and came, wracking tears, great sobbing heart rending tears wrenched from my body. I do not know how long they lasted, I had no attention for anything but sobbing, but, of course they eventually subsided and I was able to continue my journey home. A vehicle can be a strange cathartic space at need, like a therapy space and an awareness began to rise in my body. I had just been welcomed home, cleansed of London, the dead city, and welcomed to life. A name came to me, ‘The Earthsong’. The Earthsong had healed my body for this beautiful place, for my journey here and I was filled with wonder and gratitude. I was truly home and alive for the first time in my life. I have had no further experience of the Earthsong. She lies in the earth, seemingly quiescent (she is anything but). Just a transformed life and my family, my crew, to meet.


I do not believe there will be any further mention of any of this in A Conspiracy of Kindness. Unless, there is a naming, that will be recorded. But this tale serves no further purpose for the travellers on this site.


One thought on “The making of legend

  1. I too prefer Avebury to Stonehenge. I prefer Castlerigg and the Ring of Brodgar. I love ancient sites. I recently discovered Thornborough Henge less than an hour’s drive from me. I’ve been twice. I imagine the energies there are similar to being in a Crop Circle, though the Henge is ancient and permanent! But there is so much that we feel and know intuitively about frequencies and vibrations that permeate our lives and bodies. I’m so excited to read your blogs but I had no idea there were going to be so many of them. I’m on a long road here! But when I read your words my heart opens and I understand more about myself ~ which is what comes from witnessing the life of another, with KINDNESS and LOVE and LIGHT. xoxo


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