Chemo food from heaven. Positive Foods.

Absolute number one are apples and my current personal favourite is Granny Smiths, hard, crisp and juicy. I have had one better contender, but haven’t discovered the brand yet. It had all GS’s attributes plus a mouth filling juice that knocked my socks off.

Tesco do a fruit pot for £2. The grape, blueberry and strawberry is a treat with meds that must be taken with food.

I have never done the old 3, 8 or a gazillion fruits a day. Growing up we had a banana a week, on Sunday, and my generation are the long lived generation so beloved by the government for killing off and stealing pensions.

Top of my super food list in general is extremely rare, I am afraid. In fact there is only one source available the whole world wide. It’s called a Leah, a gourmet chef. I have a freezer full. Sorry, but you could try bribery if you fancy a treat. Suggestion, start at a grand and work up, she’s worth every penny.

She’s my niece. Weep.

On a less gloating and cruel note. If you suffer cramps in the hard chemo nights. Indian Tonic water is your best friend.

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